Thursday, August 2, 2012



The Internet wins again! The advocates for the cyber-security bill failed to get enough support to proceed to a final vote on the legislation. They won't be reading your email and sharing your personal data -- anytime soon, at least.

Will you thank the senators who stood with us to protect privacy and Internet freedom? We'll need their help again soon:

You guys were amazing throughout this fight: Demand Progress members sent 500,000 emails to the Senate and made thousands of phone calls in opposition to the bill. Countless other activists took up this fight too -- groups like the ACLU, EFF, Center for Democracy and Technology, Fight for the Future, and Free Press.

Just as important was the coalition of senators working on the inside to stand up for our rights. There's a newly empowered corps of senators who've made it clear that they'll stand strong when the government threatens our privacy -- people like Ron Wyden (OR), Al Franken (MN), and Bernie Sanders (VT). Please click here to make sure they know that we're grateful, and that we'll stand with them too -- we'll have to fight this battle again sometime soon.


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