Thursday, May 23, 2013

I signed this petition about the Koch brothers -- now can you?


The climate change denying, union-busting, voter disenfranchising billionaires want to create a mouthpiece for their right-wing, “free market” ideals by buying eight newspapers from the Tribune Company, including the Los Angeles Times, Chicago Tribune, and others. We have to stop them.

Use the link below to sign the petition with me. Then can you share with some of your friends, as well?

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

#Guantanamo ends now - #gitmo #closegitmo

We could finally see the shameful Guantanamo prison camp shut down, but it's going to take a final global push for President Obama to do the right thing.

Join me in this campaign here:

Tell the Senate: Repeal the Monsanto Proection Act

Senator Jeff Merkley is introducing an amendment to repeal the Monsanto Protection Act – the outrageous provision which allows Monsanto and other companies  to ignore court orders to stop selling their GMO seeds, despite safety concerns. Tell the Senate to take action:

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Give students the same interest rates on loans as the big banks


I signed a petition to The United States House of Representatives and
The United States Senate which says:

"Wall Street banks – the ones that wrecked our economy – should not be
getting a better interest rate on their government loans than young
people trying to go to college."

Will you sign this petition? Click here:


Repeal the #Monsanto Protection Act - #gmo


I signed a petition to The United States Senate which says:

"Written anonymously and passed in secret, the Monsanto Protection Act
allows agri-business to ignore court orders blocking the sale of
genetically-engineered seeds.

I support the repeal of this outrageous special interest provision -
and demand a public vote in the U.S. Senate."

Will you sign this petition? Click here:


Monday, May 20, 2013

Tell Governor O'Malley to Ban #Fracking in Maryland!


Governor O'Malley's fracking commission released a report warning
about the dangers of fracking. But instead of heeding the
recommendations of the report, Governor O'Malley is trying to expedite
rules for fracking.

We already know that fracking causes significant impacts to our air,
water, agriculture, public health, and climate. There is no place for
fracking in our state. But the Governor is ignoring the
recommendations from his own commission to open our state up to
fracking by proposing even weaker regulations that cater to the oil &
gas industry.

Tell Governor O'Malley he needs protect Marylanders and stop pursuing fracking.

That's why I signed a petition to Governor Martin O'Malley.

Will you sign this petition? Click here:


De-Fund the CIA

Lies about Iraq. Cash to corrupt Afghanistan. Drone war blowback endangering us all. De-fund the CIA!

Thursday, May 16, 2013

IRS stalls NAGR- #holder #obama #doj #2a #nra #rkba #tcot #tgdn #rights #privacy #gunrights #molonlabe has sent you a personal message:

NAGR is highly recommended, and a great gun rights group. The fact that they are being harassed by the IRS comes as no surprise, and seems to confirm that the harassment is politically motivated. Regards, proclus


Dear GNU-Darwin Action Group,

What else will you and I find out?

Every day, more facts about the Obama administration’s radical third-world tactics hits the news . . .

Last week, you and I learned the Obama administration wiretapped Associated Press reporters.

But perhaps the worst of it all was that the Obama administration used the IRS to target and harass political enemies!

In fact, the National Foundation for Gun Rights non-profit filing with the IRS is still yet to be approved after 19 months -- and I can’t help but think I’ve been one of the IRS 500 top targets for “extra scrutiny.”

GNU-Darwin Action Group, months ago, as the fight over gun control just began to rear its ugly head, your National Association for Gun Rights drew a line in the sand . . .

No more gun control.  No deals.  Not one more gun owner’s name.  Not a single bit more information about American gun owners for the federal government.  PERIOD.

Stories like these are exactly why.

Today, I’m counting on you to sign a NEW No Gun Control/No Deals petition to your U.S. Congressman and Senators IMMEDIATELY.

If you've already signed your new petition, I’m counting on you to forward this email to every pro-gun friend and family member you have.

The Obama administration is clearly drunk on power.

Early in President Obama’s first term, you and I learned firsthand the lengths his administration would go to try and RAM gun control down our throats when they just looked the other way while bloodthirsty Mexican gangs ran guns across the border -- resulting in the tragic death of U.S. Border patrol agent Brian Terry.

That should have tipped enough folks off . . .

But it didn’t.

And in December of last year, after the horrific tragedy in Newtown, Connecticut, the Obama administration jumped into action, pushing a massive wish list of anti-gun schemes, thinking they had the perfect excuse to ram gun control down our throats.

Not one would have made an ounce of difference.

Criminals and killers don’t get their guns legally.

Like the Newtown killer, they often steal them.

GNU-Darwin Action Group, I know I’m not breaking any news here, but the gun-grabbers know all of this.

*** They don’t want more “background checks” (GUN REGISTRATION) to prevent murders.

*** They don’t want an expanded federal “NO GUN” database to keep the mentally ill from getting their hands on guns.

*** They don’t even want to ramp up penalties on gun crimes to stop “straw purchasers.”

They want our names, our information and records of our gun purchases so they can set the stage for the day they can finally CONFISCATE our guns.

And they prey on Americans’ fears of “too much freedom” and politicians’ desire to appear “reasonable” to hasten that day.

Well, as Thomas Jefferson said, “I prefer the tumult of liberty to the quiet of servitude.”

And I have one simple message to politicians in BOTH parties.

If you think it’s “reasonable” to hand this President and this lawless administration more information about American gun owners after all the outrageousness you and I see hitting the news, THINK AGAIN.

GNU-Darwin Action Group, if you and I hand over our freedom and our liberties, it WILL eventually be abused by those in power -- regardless of whether it’s President Obama or someone else occupying the White House.

I’m tired of watching Washington, D.C. strip away our liberties.

And I want to do everything I possibly can to ensure our Second Amendment freedoms aren’t flushed away from members of both political parties in Congress.

If you agree, I’m counting on you to do two things . . .

First, sign your new No Gun Control/No Deals petition to your U.S. Congressman and Senators IMMEDIATELY.

During the last fight on gun control, your National Association for Gun Rights delivered literally every petition we had.

I need to reload.  And FAST.

Secondly, please forward this email to every pro-gun friend and family member you have.

Thirdly, please chip in $20 TODAY.

Your generous contribution will help me reach even more Second Amendment supporters.

But if that’s too much, please agree to $10 or at least $5 immediately.

GNU-Darwin Action Group, Members of Congress who want to hand this President -- or any other -- more information about American gun owners after the news of the last week need to have their head checked.

You and I have a chance to seize the momentum in this fight over gun control.

But we have to act.

So please sign your NEW No Gun Control/No Deals petition, forward this email to as many friends and family members as you can, and chip in $10 or $20 TODAY.

For Freedom,

Dudley Brown
Executive Vice President

P.S. Members of Congress who want to hand this President -- or any other -- more information about American gun owners after the news of the last week, need to have their head checked.

If you agree, please sign your NEW No Gun Control/No Deals petition, forward this email to as many friends and family members as you can, and chip in $10 or $20 TODAY.

The National Association for Gun Rights is a nonprofit, nonpartisan, single-purpose citizens' organization dedicated to preserving and protecting the Constitutionally protected right-to-keep-and-bear-arms through an aggressive program designed to mobilize public opposition to anti-gun legislation. The National Association for Gun Rights' mailing address is P.O. Box 7002, Fredericksburg, VA 22404. They can be contacted toll-free at 1-877-405-4570. Its web address is

Not produced or e-mailed at taxpayer expense.

To help the National Association for Gun Rights grow, please forward this to a friend.

To view this email as a web page, please click this link: view online.

Help fight gun control. Donate to the National Association for Gun Rights!


I just signed this -- will you?

The interest rates on federal student loans will double this July if Congress doesn't take action. Fortunately, Senator Elizabeth Warren has introduced legislation that would provide a one-year fix to the impending doubling of students' rate by setting the student loan interest rate at the same level the Federal Reserve offers to big banks.

Senator Warren's legislation is powerful and to the point. We bailed out the big banks. Why then deny students who weren't responsible for wrecking our economy the same deal we give the banks?

I just signed a petition urging my senator to co-sponsor Senator Warren's student loans bill. I hope you will do the same.

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

I just signed this, you should too.

It was recently revealed that the Department of Justice secretly seized two months of telephone records of a large number of Associated Press reporters.

This unprecedented, indiscriminate surveillance of journalists is an attack on the First Amendment that will have a chilling effect on the ability of these journalists and others to function as a free press.

And unfortunately, it is only the most recent case of overreach by the Justice Department in its overzealous pursuit of whistleblowers.

Tell Attorney General Eric Holder: Stop attacking the First Amendment and end your war on whistleblowers.


The CEO Power Grab

Hey -

Right-wing politicians in the Senate are trying to give CEOs even more power.

They want to stop President Obama's nominations to the National Labor Relations Board, the independent agency that protects workers' rights, in the hopes that they can shut it down.

If the NLRB is shut down it will make it easier for corporations to deny workers their right to fight for safer workplaces, health care or a wage they can support their family on.

It's disgusting and we need to make sure it doesn't happen. Can you take a second to send your senators an email and ask them to confirm President Obama’s NLRB nominations?

MARC: Allow regular bicycles on trains, not just folding bikes


MARC trains only allow folding bicycles, which are typically heavier and more expensive than regular bikes, and bikes are one of the best ways of making public transportation practical, by helping people make up for gaps and problems in that transportation system.  Especially in this tough economy, allowing regular bicycles would enable more people to adapt to available public transportation, rather than waiting for transportation to adapt to them.  In other words, this would allow Maryland to get the most bang for its transportation bucks.

That's why I signed a petition to The Maryland State House, The Maryland State Senate, Governor Martin O'Malley, The United States House of Representatives, The United States Senate, and President Barack Obama, which says:

"Allow regular bicycles on MARC trains!"

Will you sign this petition? Click here:


The plan to kill orangutans

A precious forest with orangutans, rhinos and elephants may be bulldozed to bits by a giant mining company.

We only have days to build a call strong enough to get the Indonesian president's attention and keep the rainforest standing: take a minute to join me in backing this campaign here, let's reach a million strong:

Monday, May 13, 2013

Henry Kissinger, defender of

It sounds like satire, and it would be funny if it weren't true.

The Intrepid Sea, Air, and Space Museum in New York City is planning to give Henry Kissinger an award on May 23rd for "defending freedom and democracy."

Register your complaint here:

Friday, May 10, 2013

Tell Secretary of Agriculture Vilsack: Don't frack the George Washington National Forest - #fracking

George Washington National Forest is one of the crown jewels of America's national forest system on the East Coast. But that could change if the U.S. Forest Service opens hundreds of thousands of acres of the forest--including old-growth forest, endangered species' habitats and drinking water supply areas--to invasive natural gas fracking.

Opening the forest to fracking could threaten the drinking water of over 4 million people in Richmond, VA, Washington, D.C., and the Shenandoah Valley whose drinking water supplies are fed by the forest.

The Department of Agriculture, which has final approval over the Forest Service plan, has stated that it will announce a decision on whether to allow fracking in the forest next month, which gives us just a few weeks to put pressure on Secretary of Agriculture Tom Vilsack.

Tell Secretary of Agriculture Vilsack: Don't frack the George Washington National Forest. Click here to sign the petition:

Thursday, May 9, 2013

Investigate Monsanto's Takeover of USDA

Monsanto has taken over the USDA.
Tell Congress to act now.

Protect Appalachia from Destructive Mountaintop Removal

As part of End Mountaintop Removal Week this week in Washington, D.C., Appalachian residents brought toxic water from their homes to the headquarters of the EPA and members of Congress.

Urging federal action to protect water quality from coal mining in Appalachia, citizens -- with the support of the Center and other groups like Alliance for Appalachia -- are calling on the EPA to develop a rule that would create strong water-quality standards. We're also urging Congress to put a moratorium on mountaintop-removal coal-mining permits until the impacts of pollution from the radical form of mining have been addressed.

Numerous studies have linked mountaintop removal with human illnesses and with deformities in downstream wildlife.

Take action today by contacting your representatives -- demand federal action to protect people and endangered species in Appalachia from mountaintop removal.

Take action here:

Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Inner harbor - Baltimore, Maryland


There are certain things that I really like about Baltimore. One of them is Inner Harbor. Here is another shot through the pizza restaraunt window. This is my view for dinner this evening.


Don't Koch the L.A. Times!

Tell the Tribune Company: Don't sell out journalism by selling your papers to the Koch brothers.

Effort to Repeal the #Maryland Gun Ban is Underway - #2a #nra #rkba #tcot #tgdn #nraam #gunrights #molonlabe

logo Gun Owners of America

Effort to Repeal the Maryland Gun Ban is Underway

Good news!

You're probably aware of the Orwellian gun control package that was recently signed into law in Maryland - a law consisting of registration, confiscation and outright bans of certain firearms.

(These proposals were, ironically, signed within days of the repeal of Maryland's death penalty, thereby insuring that any future "Adam Lanzas" would be treated more leniently for shooting up a classroom of children.)

But if we can get only 18,000 signatures against the law by May 31, 2013, we will have started a process which suspends gun bans, gun registration, and gun confiscation for 17 months - and opens up the possibility that, in an "off-year," Maryland voters will repeal it.

To recap:

(1) The gun ban (Senate Bill 281) will ban large number of semi-automatic long guns, including 45 specified guns and any guns that look like them.

(2) The gun ban imposes a 10-round magazine ban, even though many firearms are made to accommodate larger magazines.

(3) The gun ban will establish a new handgun licensing requirement, which will require that you be fingerprinted like a common criminal.

(4) The gun ban will expand that list of people stripped of their Second Amendment rights - thus, leading to the confiscation of their guns.  And the new law would send you to jail if you fail to realize that a gun in your collection is missing.

But, if we can get 18,000 signatures on petitions by May 31 - and 55,000 by June 30 - this unconstitutional law will be suspended until November, 2014.  And we will have opened the door to a vote to repeal the law entirely.

The so-called "Free State" is among the least free states in the country.  But, in an off-year, buoyed by a huge conservative turn-out fueled by the messy phase-in of ObamaCare, plus a public reversion to fingerprinting private citizens, the "impossible" might just be doable in 2014.

ACTION:  Please download the petition at  Circulate it for signatures among your friends and neighbors.  And, if possible, make a contribution to help them get the 18,000 signatures they need by May 31.

And above all, make sure that you and your like-minded friends and family are registered to vote!  You can begin the process at the above URL.

Please do not reply directly to this message, as your reply will bounce back as undeliverable.
Please forward this e-mail to friends and family
Gun Owners of America
8001 Forbes Place, Suite 102
Springfield, VA 22151
Contact Form
 If you no longer wish to receive e-mail from us, please click here.

Sign this to help save the #bees - #bee

Honey Bees are dying at an alarming rate, and this winter marked the worst losses by far. Last week, the European Union took a major step to protect our bee population – placing a two year ban on the pesticides thought to be responsible - but the U.S. is still finding excuses for inaction. Sign this petition urging the EPA to take action now:

Save Our Wildlife From Border Walls

Our elected representatives are finally ready to tackle the thorny issue of immigration reform. But some members of Congress are using this opportunity to push the same destructive, unhelpful border-security policies that have already caused massive damage to the lands at our borders, along with their people and wildlife.

We need your help to make sure immigration reform helps, instead of hurts, the biodiversity of our borderlands.

Current immigration reform proposals call for billions of dollars to expand the ineffective, wasteful, incredibly destructive border wall. They want the Department of Homeland Security to waive environmental review for wall-building and border-enforcement activities, and they want to push their agenda through without public input.

This could wreak real havoc, hurting wildlife, causing major flooding and erosion, and doing massive damage to national parks and refuges.

Please take action now to send a clear message to your senators: "No Walls, No Waivers."

Take action here:

Monday, May 6, 2013

Stop the Sea Otter Slaughter

Alaska's famously charismatic sea otters are finally on a slow road to recovery. After they were almost wiped out by greedy hunters and trappers in the international fur trade, limits were placed on hunting -- allowing only Alaskan natives to hunt the otters, for their native handicrafts.

But the playful animals' recovery could quickly be derailed: The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service is now trying to change the definition of handicrafts in a way that will likely lead to more sea otter killings.

Take action now to tell the Fish and Wildlife Service to stop its backdoor attempt at predator control -- it will hurt vulnerable sea otters.

Take action here:

GOA reported a possible executive order to waive #HIPAA rules to seize guns. - #nra #tgdn #gunrights #2a #tcot #rights #privacy #molonlabe

Proposed HIPAA modifications are a blunt tool, which will lead
inevitably to violations of medical privacy, and wrongful gun
confiscations. Psychiatrists will be forced to carpet bomb the gun
rights all their patients in order to avoid undue liability. It is
wrong to violate gun rights and patient privacy by these
extra-judicial means. Most mental patients are not dangerous to
anyone. These proposals will aggravate mental illness stigma, and
people will avoid treatment. Rightful gun owners will be forced to
appeal their gun rights to the very people who don't think anyone
should have guns. These proposals wrongfully burden the exercise of
gun rights, which cannot be violated w/o due process and reasonable
cause. Violating privacy rights will only create more feelings of
hostility in mental health patients. Medical privacy intrusions leave
people vulnerable to many kinds of attacks. If we weaken HIPAA for
gun control, then all of our rights are in danger. Patients will be
referred for psychiatric care for invalid reasons in order to seize
their guns.

#GOA: Obama Administration Trying to Grab Guns Through Executive Order #nra #2a #tgdn #tcot #rkba #molonlabe


Sunday, May 5, 2013

Liberty Reservoir - #Baltimore #Maryland #biking #carfree

Here are some photos of Liberty Reservoir from the Liberty Road bridge. Woods, lake, river are all to be found here. There are some hills, and some would likely consider the bicycling to be a little advanced, so use care.

Use to Metro rail or 40 Quickbus to get you closer and maximize your time. There's a boat ramp and fishing, etc. It would be no surprise to find someone to rent you a boat. Swimming in season is sometimes found in the river areas to the south, although it is reportedly prohibited in the reservoir.

If you are looking for a little freedom outside the city, this is a great candidate. The west side of the lake is Carroll County, with Howard county in the Patapsco river valley to the south. Eldersberg has many amenities, and for the ambitious, you are almost half way to Frederick. I'm thinking of planning a trip from here to the Potomac river and its famous bike trail. ;-)

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Saturday, May 4, 2013

Thursday, May 2, 2013

I just signed this -- will you?

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