Monday, January 26, 2015

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For years, I’ve considered parsley flavonoid to be my top find, but the additive effects of running could vastly overshadow that. It’s fortunate, when one thing builds upon another. Without a lifelong habit of biking, the running would have been more difficult. Biking and bicycle commuting are the foundation of the whole thing, something I learned on my LDS mission.
Michael L. Love: A personal statement
This Mormon upbringing gave me a familiarity with fasting and its benefits, which preceded much of the research. I also decided on the life sciences path on my mission.The reason was explicit. I was interested in longevity.
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It is necessary to have many beneficial things already in place to observe the additive benefit of running.
Most people who know me would likely agree that I’ve given my life to this work. Fortunately, it is a pleasant undertaking. Longevity, nutrition, fitness: Who doesn’t want these? After 30 years of this, it is great to see it all panning out so well. Some might consider it a selfish undertaking, but not so. I’ll eagerly continue to share all of the beneficial tips. Sharing longevity tips is likely a great way to leave a lasting impact.
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Let’s bone up for winter.