Sunday, September 10, 2023

from the journal...

Yes, it's been a while. Here are some hopefully interesting
entries from the journal.

Those who have known me a long time might remember my
rant that critics of anti-bacterial soaps were intentionally
trying to cause amputations. Here is a small background.

It might be possible to prevent the occurrence of chronic sores on the arms and legs with routine use of anti-bacterial soap on the limbs. Also filtered water for bathing might help. Bears investigating. You might not have to give up your favorite soap. ;-)

The basis of this theory is that microbes adapt for life in the pores of the skin. When an injury occurs, immune cells mobilize and attack the microbes in the adjacent pores, spreading the injury. So, the anti-bacterial soap would prevent this from occuring.

Anti-bacterial soap like a shield, would prevent the occurrence of chronic sores in the limbs.

In another matter...

No one should be surprised, by something I've said many times. While we should be tolerant of people's differences, trans and homosexual lifestyes are an unhealthful mistake, a bad idea, and a recipe for lifelong unhappiness. People should be treated with love and understanding but these practices should be avoided completely.

I recommend people make common cause with those who are opposed to the indoctrination of children to these unfortunate behaviors. Try conservative talk radio, and similar venues.

While on this subject, I'll point out another well known point. Elective surgeries are a terrible idea and a mistake with similar implications. Pity that people turn off their brains and kiss up to fake medicial experts.

If you really want a lifetime full of unnecessary pain and problems, elective surgeries are just what you are looking for. This includes sexual transformation surgeries. Clearly, this should be avoided.

In contrast, heterosexual marriage, child bearing, and rearing can provide decades long fulfillment and a lifetime of happy memories. That's the way to go.

Again, no one should be at all surprised by these views, and I cannot possibly be disuaded from them. My family years were among my happiest, most fulfilling experiences, and I cherish the memories of them.

It's been a while. Here are some tips...

Currency conversion code is not difficult to write. It is well worth doing.

While I'm handing out more tips, here's a good one...

If your muscles are big and well-toned, you might prefer measuring BP at the wrist.
Please be careful, as blood pressure is a serious matter, but...
It is likely athletic conditioning may result in inflated BP readings at the bicep.
You can avoid unnecessary medicines by taking careful measurments yourself.
Wrist BP readings can help you to stay off the hook.
Wrist BP measurements are very tricky, so follow the directions carefully.
The instrument must be carefully aligned to apply even pressure to wrist flat.
For those tracking& predicting, BP measurements might be fun, and well worth doing.
Blood pressure might give hourly, daily & longitudinal fluctuations. Try predicting.
As a bonus, watching your blood pressure could save your life. Think about it.
And remember, wrist BP measurements might be preferred for hunks.
Predicting blood pressure is probably far easier than predicting currencies. ;-)