Friday, June 3, 2016

Resveratrol and minoxidil synergistic?

I'm giving my first go with the minoxidil. As a longevity enthusiast, it
is a fascinating experience. Current model predicts that minoxidil and
flavonoids may have convergent effects, due to related effects on
vascularization. Perhaps no surprise then, I seem to be responding well
to the minoxidil, possibly good response appearing in the first 30
days. I should have another look at the literature. I would not be
surprised to see a synergistic response combining with flavonoids. I'm
responding well in my mid-50's, I only have mildly thinning male
pattern. My BP is good, but higher than I want. Minoxidil helps w/that.

Here is something. flavonoids may interfere with minoxidil metabolism.
That would explain it.

Don't worry, I'm keeping an eye on BP, and other contra-indications.

People always associate hair growth with the snake oil. It sadly impedes
the research somewhat. There are some reports that apple polyphenols
are a good minoxidil replacement. I can't yet tell if this is serious.

The French have something that is maybe worth a look.

It looks like the European supplement community is combining minoxidil
and resveratrol. No surprise. This all impinges on the MAOB inhibitor
story. Wow! Minoxidil adverse reports are rare. No surprise I can't find
any problems with combining minoxidil and flavonoids.

Almost no research about this. This is interesting. There is

In this article, Hesperidin affects potassium current. Minoxidil also does this.

I'll give further reports, if I learn anything
more about this.


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