Sunday, September 10, 2023

It's been a while. Here are some tips...

Currency conversion code is not difficult to write. It is well worth doing.

While I'm handing out more tips, here's a good one...

If your muscles are big and well-toned, you might prefer measuring BP at the wrist.
Please be careful, as blood pressure is a serious matter, but...
It is likely athletic conditioning may result in inflated BP readings at the bicep.
You can avoid unnecessary medicines by taking careful measurments yourself.
Wrist BP readings can help you to stay off the hook.
Wrist BP measurements are very tricky, so follow the directions carefully.
The instrument must be carefully aligned to apply even pressure to wrist flat.
For those tracking& predicting, BP measurements might be fun, and well worth doing.
Blood pressure might give hourly, daily & longitudinal fluctuations. Try predicting.
As a bonus, watching your blood pressure could save your life. Think about it.
And remember, wrist BP measurements might be preferred for hunks.
Predicting blood pressure is probably far easier than predicting currencies. ;-)

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