Sunday, August 26, 2012

Ellicott City train derailment clean up (MORE PHOTOS) #Trapwire #OpTrapwire #csx #train #ellicottcity #derailment #csxderailment #environment

I finally managed to get some more of the photos posted. There are 50%
blowups available for all of these. Just ask. 



These two pictures are of a different bridge, presumably downline towards Baltimore. This bridge is very near to one of the entreances to Patapsco State Park. A small footbridge is not far from this location, and people swim in the river below. Patapsco State park is a real treasure, a green gem.  It is likely that the whole coal transport system will receive much attention as a result of the the derailment accident. It passes very near the park.




CSX - quality in motion. It is likely that the people of Ellicott City had a sense of irony when they saw that slogan.




In the background is the bridge where the derailment occured, with some cleanup equipment surrounding. In the foreground is the adjacent bridge that crosses the river. I also caught a police officer watching me take the photo at the edge of the shot.




This is the inside of a twisted coal car as it is being towed away.





The river looks to me pretty much as it was before the accident.  I'll admit that I am not much of an expert in such matters. I'm just a river lover, going way back.




This shows the coal car being lifted onto a trailer that is sitting on the adjacent bridge. They were using the cranes or winches to do the lifting.




This looks like a remote surveillance rig to me.  Some of my #Trapwire, #OpTrapwire friends might find this one interesting. There are 4 solar arrays to power the system. The camera sits at the top of the pole.




There was definitely a police presence at the site, and they seemed far more interested in us observers than the clean up operation.




This is another view of the coal car being loaded onto the truck.


I previously blogged some more interesting photes of the cleanup. Based on my Coast Gaurd experience, it seems to me that the CSX cleanup team has been taking measures to prevent coal contamination from spreading into the river. If you want to see that, here is the link.

Ellicott City is a wonderful place to visit, and I will certainly be returning there again and again.  If there is anything more to report, I will definitely push it out to the GNU-Darwin Spectrum.  All comments welcome.





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