Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Act Now to Stop the Great Basin Water Grab

The Southern Nevada Water Authority wants to siphon away ancient groundwater from the Great Basin in Nevada and Utah and pump it 300 miles to fuel new Las Vegas sprawl, This will fundamentally damage the region's water systems and all the animals that have depended on it for thousands of years.

We have to keep the Great Basin's fragile web of life intact -- take action now.

The pipeline would drain more than 37 billion gallons of water a year and export it to the driest desert in North America, sucking away the lifeblood of a wild area the size of Vermont. Greater sage grouse, Bonneville cutthroat trout, pronghorn and elk would suffer. Fourteen types of desert fish and 25 species of springsnails could die out completely.

This dangerous project is at an important decision point. We need your help today to stop the right-of-way application for the pipeline.

Take action below to tell Interior Secretary Ken Salazar that there are better options for Las Vegas than stealing the heart of the Great Basin.

Take action by using this Web address:


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