Thursday, August 2, 2012

Our Presidential Ticket Is In Jail - Find Out Why - #greenparty #foreclosure

Green Party

Dear Michael L.,

Yesterday our 2012 Presidential ticket - Jill Stein and her Vice-Presidential running mate Cheri Honkala - were arrested by Philadelphia police. The two were joining anti-foreclosure activists at a Fannie Mae office, and refused to leave the premises after executives for the mortgage giant repeatedly refused to meet with Philadelphia residents who have been battling to keep their homes.

The arrest was covered by the Associated Press, Politico, and dozens of major news outlets. 

According to the Jill Stein campaign, the two women are awaiting a bail hearing and are being represented by an experienced civil disobedience attorney.

The protest was originally called by the Poor People's Econonic Human Rights Campaign, an organization directed by the Green Party's VP candidate and long-time community activist Cheri Honkala. 

Jill Stein has announced specific steps to reduce the foreclosure crisis in this country through her Green New Deal - including an executive order establishing a moratorium on foreclosures and creating community development associations to issue mortgages instead of Wall Street banks.

Click here for the complete statement on yesterday's arrest.  

Please stayed tuned to the Stein/Honkala team at as they continue to promote Green values and campaign for the nation's highest office. They will be free soon, and back on the campaign trail working for the economic health of all Americans, not just the richest 1%.

You can also follow hundreds of Green candidates for federal, state and local office who are promoting the same values at






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