Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Balitmore Bike Party ride coming soon! - #OccupyBaltimore #bike #bicycle #baltimore

Here are some relevant links for Baltimore Bike Party.

Michael L. Love ‏@gnudarwin

#CriticalMass/Baltimore #Bike Party - #bicycle http://bit.ly/SiriLp

B'More Bikes Blog | By Anyone Riding In and Around Baltimore

Having many bicycle lights will add to the harbor ambiance. #bike #bicycle

Looking forward to the upcoming Baltimore #Bike Party ride. I know
much of the route. There will be delightful views of the harbor.

Baltimore Bike Party July Route Posted | Baltimore Velo http://bit.ly/Nnmd7R

Moonlight Madness Bike Party | Facebook http://on.fb.me/R0fznA

Baltimore Bike Party - #p http://bit.ly/P9Bzwu

Baltimore Bike Party http://bit.ly/OWwTGn

There are bound to be at least several 100 bicyclists on this ride.
See you there.


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