Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Another multibanding tool, Postling

Today, I have really been enjoying this multibanding tool, Postling,
http://www.postling.com. There are already some good reviews of
Postling out there, so I'll make this short. If you have been using
Ping.fm, or HelloTxt, this may be the right time to migrate to
Postling. Here is a link to our example.
Michael L. Love/proclus/GNU-Darwin on Postling
Postling has a neat display and interface, and the status updater can
auto-shorten your URL's with bit.ly, and link to your bit.ly account.
It alerts you when you have a message on Twitter, etc. There is a
paid service, which provides for multiple channels. This is just
scratching the surface, and it is well worth a look.
There is much more that I could say about redundancy of service, of
over-reliance on services like Twitter and Facebook, and of the
importance of multibanding social media for amplifying the democratic
voice in a manner that cannot be easily removed from the Internet.
I've said it all repeatedly elsewhere. Hope that my friends will take
it to heart, as I would not want some corporation to decide for me that I
should no longer hear their beautiful voices.