Friday, April 27, 2012

Slam the Senate


We pushed them to the brink, but the House Republicans rammed through CISPA this afternoon, ahead of schedule. Let's make sure it dies in the Senate.

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CISPA would give the government and corporations vast new powers to track and share data about Americans' Internet use.

But our hundreds of thousands of emails and tens of thousands of phone calls have had a real impact:

-Amendments were adopted that made CISPA (marginally) better.

-Earlier this month CISPA was supposed to sail through, but we helped foment opposition, and the vote was far closer than anybody could have imagined even a couple of weeks ago.

-Most Democrats held firm in opposition, and more than two dozen libertarian-leaning Republicans defied their leadership and voted no.

-Most importantly, President Obama has threatened to veto CISPA.

The Senate will consider cyber security legislation in the coming weeks. Let's turn up the heat right away: Tell the Senate to reject CISPA and any and all legislation that doesn't respect privacy and civil liberties.

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