Tuesday, April 17, 2012

The Dirtiest Thing You'll See Online

Dear Friend,

Apple, Amazon and Microsoft are leaders when it comes to innovative technology. While their products are cutting edge, their giant data centers use the oldest, dirtiest power source on the planet -- coal.

Help them clean up their act:



  1. Remember this one? "We're baaaacckkkk!!". Yep, it was the crazy little girl in that movie in which Jack Nicholson which scared the @#s%% out of every body with her creepiness. Well sirs, we are back. We know what you all are doing, which is still talking one thing and doing another. Quit logging and digging in our clean environment, again. Why? because we are back and we are watching; very carefully. Be good to your planet wont' you?

    1. Ah! It did post. I faked me out. Good luck with this to us all.

  2. I just got through with a great run down and the slipped and... woosh it was all gone in an instant. What I was going to say is: call up or email and start talking to them about this crap. We have to stick up for our planet eh?