Saturday, April 7, 2012

Anonymous - Operation Defense (CISPA) - #cispa #stopcispa #hr3523 #opcispa

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This portents a big fight. It is an outrage that lawmakers, sworn to defend the Constitution, are ready to give away our civil liberties for something called cybersecurity. We cannot let this happen. We can never let this happen. Join the fight for Internet freedom. We stopped SOPA, and we can stop CISPA. We can stop the companion bills as well!


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Join the attack: Channel Name: #OpDefense CURRENT ATTACK (4:30PM EST): D0X!!! Michael Rodgers, Creator of CISPA: We will not allow you to attack our home. The Internet will perish when we perish...and we will never perish. You are weak and will therefore die. Follow @TheAnonMessage on Twitter. More information on CISPA: CISPA BILL:
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