Thursday, December 5, 2013

X-ray body scannners

Current theory is that the US studied human exposure to X-rays using the airport scanners. Big experiment. It was shown that many of the X-ray scanners were putting out far more radiation than they were supposed to. It would be no surprise that the US is still tracking the victims of their radiation experiment. The use of X-ray imaging would be irresistible to certain military minded people, because it is difficult to detect, and non-visible. Detailed images could be made surreptitiously at night using X-ray scanner technology, and over great distances. Too bad X-radiation exposure is unhealthful, but no problem, if you intend to kill the people you are spying on.  US gets this. It would be likely that the weather control experiments have something to do with it as well, the aluminum flakes obscuring the X-ray scans. Want more visibility for your X-ray scanner? Deplete the ozone. Sounds like #nwo to me. I don't think people understand how commonplace it must now be for the US to experiment on unwitting people including their own citizens. The model is that the scanners went in the airports, so that the US could easily track the people that they  exposed to the scanning beam. The reason is obvious and widespread knowledge. They had planned to deploy far more X-ray scanners and they decide  to study the effects on people.


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