Friday, December 20, 2013

The #DuckDynasty situation reminds me of free speech issues from the early days of AIDS and HIV. #philrobertson #standwithphil #tcot

People may not remember the struggle to protect free speech regarding AIDS&HIV, which was offensive to some. Some were wrongfully fired for their speech regarding HIV&AIDS. How could we save the lives of our friends in the gay community, if we couldn't talk about their lives and their disease? Yet, our speech rights weren't respected. How could we warn our friends of HIV&AIDS dangers, if our speech rights were not respected? It may be difficult for young people to understand how free speech activists were required to stand up for those who were promoting condoms, or describing gay lifestyles or the mode of disease transmission. At times, government was not the problem, but many lives were endangered by widespread intolerance in the general population. Honestly, if you will not receive valid criticism, your life may be in dangered, and we respect expression in order to protect life itself.