Thursday, December 5, 2013

I finally did it.

I want to tell you how you can change the world with your electric bill - by switching to get your energy from Ethical Electric. They're a clean energy supplier and they make it super-easy for you to power your home with 100% renewable, locally sourced energy from wind and solar.

Ethical Electric is an explicitly progressive company. They support causes that benefit the planet and advance equality, peace, justice and opportunity. A portion of every month's bill goes to fund organizations like the League of Conservation Voters, Daily Kos and  They even have a progressive online campaigning platform,, that fights for issues their members care about.

On the other side is a fossil fuel industry that spent over $325 million on lobbying and $125 million on political contributions. They used the money from the monthly bill of customers like you to oppose climate change solutions.

While Ethical Electric is a great company that I'm really excited about, this deal gets even better. If you sign up today through the link below, you'll get a $50 enrollment bonus!

Make sure to use my referral code "1312052NZCEH" so I get credit!

To switch to clean energy, go to:

Michael L. Love


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