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Michael L. Love: proclus molecules blog
Michael L. Love: Healthful benefits of grapefruit naringenin - #health #food #recipes #diet #science #juice #fruits
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The bioflavonoid naringenin is an obvious candidate for molecules activism, because of its ready availability in grapefruit, but also because if its many healthful benefits.  Recently, naringenin was demonstrated to interfere with the spread of hepatitis C virus (HCV) in liver cells, and a clinical trial is currently underway to find out if grapefruit consumption can be therapeutic to those who are afflicted with the viral infection.  For those who are frequent readers of this blog, it should come as no surprise that flavonoid molecules, such as naringenin, could have anti-viral activity.  Moreover, it has already been mentioned that this flavonoid molecule, like kaempferol, is superior to EGCG for the enhancement of catalase activity, which is important for protection of our cells from free radicals and peroxide.  Grapefruit naringenin is a rising star!

The beauty of naringenin is that it is easy to get biologically active quantities into your system simply by eating grapefruit.  As previously noted in this blog, flavonoid molecules are typically poorly absorbed into the body, and recipes are provided here which are not only tasteful, but they are designed to improve flavonoid absorption from the intestine into the rest of body.  Here are links to some of the recipes.  Although not all of them use grapefruit, they are all likely easily adapted for this purpose.  It is also likely that experimentation with these recipes will improve your sense of culinary adventure, so always feel free to experiment!

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Michael L. Love: parsley and autism

Michael L. Love: healthful easy fudge recipe

Michael L. Love: Flavonoid blast fudge recipe

Michael L. Love: recipe; flax oil, tyrosol lignans update

Finally, lastly but not leastly, enjoy the citrus pudding recipe. Grapefruit works great in this recipe.

Michael L. Love: citrus pudding recipe

The news coming in about naringenin is truly exciting, and it will soon be featured as Molecule of the Day at the molecules site.  It is all the more exciting because it is so easy to get healthfull quanitites of naringenin by eating grapefruit. There are many exciting things about naringenin. I have been eating a grapefruit almost every day for months, and I am convinced of the healthful benefit. It is well known to lower cholesterol in the street medicine combination with red yeast rice.  It should be noted that liver panels are required if you combine grapefruit with red yeast rice, just as if you were taking a statin drug. Interestingly, the mechanism of hepatitus C virus inhibition involves an LDL protein (bad cholesterol), which is required for export of the virus from the cell. We should not be surprised to see grapefruit lower the unhealthful LDL levels in addition to interfering with the progress of a hepatitis C infection.

The comparitive studies are still pouring in.  Recently, the ability of naringenin, quercetin, rutin, and resveratrol to prevent DNA strand breaks was studied. Quercetin won the top position in that study, but it will be interesting to see how narningenin measured up. Naringenin was recently identified as the only known "non-toxic, naturally occurring LXRalpha inhibitor"  This could have monumental implications in the treatment of viral infections and other maladies, and I am including the reference below.  They also studied the involvement of the PPAR receptors, which are the target of many common drugs.

Arsenic contamination has been in the news lately, because of the recent fossil fuel and coal ash spills.  I am delighted to learn that flavonoids like naringenin may help with arsenic exposure (reference below).  There are many other exciting current naringenin studies out there right now, and I strongly urge a visit to PubMed.

All very thrilling to me! Hope that you enjoy your healthful grapefruit naringenin.


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