Thursday, October 20, 2011

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One of the most powerful things about the Occupy Wall Street movement is that it's leaderless. No one person or organization controls it, drives it or can take credit for the movement that's continuing to build everyday. Most importantly, that also means no one person or organization can stop it.

That's why big corporations and their right-wing allies are freaking out. They're scared of the movement that's sweeping the country because they know it's real. It's organic. And it has the power to win because it's clear we're not going away until change happens to improve the lives of the 99%.

Here at DFA, we know that it's not our job to try to take over this movement or take credit for its work. We're here to help grow and support the work that people across the country are doing organically. So, when thousands of DFA members started writing in to ask us to make "We are the 99 percent" bumper stickers so they could show their support, we knew we had to do it.

Get your FREE "We are the 99 percent" bumper sticker right now.

You can put these stickers wherever you want to show your support for this incredible movement -- on your car, in your window, on your laptop...

Whether you're in a city with a occupation or, better yet, in an area where there isn't one -- you can use our stickers to show people everywhere that this is a movement with huge national support. We can show them exactly what the 99 percent looks like.

So, sign up to get your free sticker right now, or get a pack of 10 for $10.

Help support and grow the occupation -- Get a free "We are the 99 percent" sticker today.

Thank you for everything you do.


Charles Chamberlain, Political Director
Democracy for America

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  1. I wonder how long this movement has been going on in such a cold weather. Everyone should support this in any way one could. I would love to use this bumper sticker on my car.