Thursday, October 13, 2011

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Occupy Wall Street hasn't made specific demands yet but they've already won their first big fight -- big banks and their right-wing allies in Congress have taken notice... and they're scared of what they see.

Occupy Wall Street has inspired occupations in hundreds of cities across the country -- from Atlanta to Boston to Los Angeles. Now, it's time to expand the fight beyond major cities and into the suburbs, the countryside -- everywhere.

The problem is local occupations outside of major cities may never be able to reach the kind of critical mass that will turn heads and force elected leaders to respond. Yet small towns and rural areas standing up and getting involved is the most likely way to help build this movement to the next level.

So we've spent the week asking members of Occupy Wall Street and DFA what's the best thing we could do right now to help build the movement for the long term. The answer was clear. Help us show support for Occupy Wall Street everywhere -- including our own front yard. That's why we put together "We are the 99 percent" lawn signs so Americans everywhere can join the movement.

Start your own occupation to support and grow the movement -- Get an Occupy Wall Street yard sign right now.

Normally we give merchandise away for free, but yard signs are expensive.

It costs $1.29 to print each sign. It costs $2.50 to package them. It can cost up to $9.75 to ship them, depending on where you live. And when buying signs in large quantities, it costs up to $1,000 just to add a second color to the sign.

When it's all said and done -- each sign costs $13.76 to print, package and ship directly to your home. So, we're asking for a contribution of at least $16 to help cover all the costs. If you contribute more, we'll use the additional money raised to support our continued involvement, spreading the message, and supporting the people on the ground in New York and beyond who started this bold movement.

It's October. In New York, Boston, and even Atlanta, Occupy Wall Street needs sleeping bags, blankets, medical supplies and so much more. Making a contribution today not only gets you a yard sign so you can show your support, it will help us deliver more of the resources that people on the ground need right now.

Get your "We are the 99 percent" yard sign right now.

Thank you for everything you do.


Charles Chamberlain, Political Director
Democracy for America


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