Friday, September 9, 2011

Sept. 11: The main lesson of 9/11 is that we should never ever let the US do this again.

Over 1 million people have died in South Asia defending their home countries from greedy and ruthless invaders. They are South Asians. This is the meaning that the US has made out of 9/11. When the US finally realizes the enormity of their mistake, this is the meaning that will be remembered. The number might as well include the dead US soldiers as well. It is sufficiently large.

Another attack on US soil would be no surprise at all. Fortunately, we will be wise to US exploitation of the memory of the dead next time. We will honor the 9/11 dead by preventing our country from making the same mistakes next time. Next time we will be ready to oppose greedy bellicose strategies that only make matters worse.

US actions in South Asia are not protecting our freedoms. Far from it. They are endangering our freedoms, and all of our lives. 9/11 is not at all significant compared to the harm that the US has done in South Asia, and the people there are rightly outraged by the actions of the US government. I am outraged that the people of this country continue to tolerate such things.

End the war now is the only 9/11 lesson that really matters. Perhaps there are still bloodthirsty and greedy men who want more dead South Asians. 1 million dead is not enough? US out of South Asia!


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