Thursday, September 29, 2011



>From Senators Ron Wyden and Mark Udall: Law enforcement is using a secret interpretation of the PATRIOT Act to spy on people who aren't connected with terrorism. The FBI operates under a cloak of secrecy, so we only know about this because these two courageous senators are defying the intelligence agencies and speaking out. Will you click here to support their call for the FBI to come clean?

Here's the New York Times:

Mr. Wyden and Mr. Udall have for months been raising concerns that the government has secretly interpreted a part of the Patriot Act in a way that they portray as twisted, allowing the Federal Bureau of Investigation to conduct some kind of unspecified domestic surveillance that they say does not dovetail with a plain reading of the statute.

In particular, some -- including Wired -- think the government's probably created a massive GPS tracking dragnet:

“It is notable that Sen. Wyden singles out pen registers and [the Patriot Act's] business-records orders as provisions that may not be used to get geolocation data,” says Julian Sanchez, a privacy and technology researcher at the libertarian Cato Institute. “It’s highly suggestive that the secret ‘interpretation’ of the Patriot Act that Wyden has been warning about may involve allowing the use of these broader intelligence tools for some sort of potentially very large-scale location tracking.”

Wyden and Udall deserve our support. They just wrote a letter to Attorney General Eric Holder demanding that he come clean -- will you join them? Just click here:


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