Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Repower at Home: Let's talk vampires

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Dear Michael L.,

Halloween is here and we've got special decorations you can download and print right now. These decorations not only help put your home in the Halloween spirit, but are also a great way to help drive a stake through the heart of vampire power in your community.

Get your decorations

Hang these around your house and when trick or treaters (and parents) come over, you'll have a great conversation starter. We've even included a "vampire power fact sheet" you can give out with your candy. It's a great resource to help identify energy vampires and suggest solutions.

Most of your neighbors probably don't know that energy vampires -- electronics that use power even when turned off -- cost Americans more than ten billion dollars a year and contribute to climate change. The worst offenders have remote control sensors and indicator lights, including most computers and televisions.

When your neighbors see these decorations and fact sheets, they'll take action, saving money, conserving energy and putting a dent in the climate crisis.

View the decorations now.

Thanks for taking action,

Keith "Ghoul-man" Goodman
Repower at Home

P.S. After you put up your decorations, send us a picture at We'd love to see how it looks!



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