Sunday, October 31, 2010

RaiseYourVote sms tool for voting reminders - Commit to Vote Challenge| #VOTE 2010 #GOTV #sms *http://OFA.BO/Y5EC3Z

OFA released today a neat tool for getting a reminder to #VOTE, an sms text message on your phone.  Click through to http://OFA.BO/Y5EC3Z to try it out.  One of the great things about this system is that you don't need web access to use it.  Just use your phone to text RaiseYourVote and the name of your state to 62262 and you will get voting reminders and other information. 

One of the disadvantages of the Commit to Vote Challenge is that it requires a Facebook account and friends in order to use it.  If you have freinds who are not on Facebook, then you cannot easily reach them with the Commit to Vote tool.  I know many people who are not on Facebook.  This sms system provides a great way to quickly reach many people who are not on Facebook.  I sent the following sms text message to scores of friends and associates via sms text. 

Text RaiseYourVote and the name of your state to 62262 to get a voting reminders, etc:

Some frequent readers of my blogs and messages may notice one of my typical typos immediately.  It is important to note that no one has complained as of yet about these messages, and I learned that someone who did not use Commit to Vote Challenge, but they have already voted.  It may be worthwhile to send it to some friends who DID use the Commit to Vote tool, because they may also forward it to some of their friends via sms.

If for some reason you are not comfortable with OFA tools, there are other sms vote reminder services.  You might be able to find them with the following Google search.

text to get a voting reminder - Google Search

Time is growing shorter.  Thank goodness that OFA has come out with these excellent tools for voter activism.  Let's work hard to get the vote out!  As always, all discussion is welcome, and please feel free to forward this message along as you like.


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