Thursday, September 2, 2010

Tell the EPA: Protect Our Families from Toxic #Coal Ash - Disaster in Tennessee - #BP Oil Spill #boycottbp


I just signed a petition to urge the EPA to protect our streams, our drinking water and our health from coal ash contamination.

As you may know, coal ash is a toxic solid waste produced by coal-burning power plants. It's shockingly unregulated and it is piling up at more than 600 dump sites across the country.

Just over a year and a half ago, the town of Harriman, Tennessee was engulfed by coal ash when a holding pond at a local power plant ruptured. A black tidal wave ripped homes off their foundations, killed birds and fish, and contaminated drinking water supplies and nearby rivers with a toxic soup of arsenic, mercury, lead and other carcinogenic chemicals.

The Tennessee coal ash disaster is just one shocking example of how coal ash afflicts communities. Coal ash dumps routinely leach toxins into drinking water, increasing cancer, learning disabilities, birth defects and other illnesses.

Thankfully, the EPA is currently considering the first-ever federal safeguards for coal ash disposal. Our voices are critical to achieving strong protections for communities, because greedy coal and utility lobbyists are pressuring the EPA to maintain the toxic status quo.

Please join me in speaking out. You can take action here:

Thanks for considering this!


Go here to take action:

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