Thursday, August 12, 2010

What Will It Take to Save the Arctic?

Last month a federal lawsuit brought by the Center for Biological Diversity and our allies stopped a flawed and illegal Bush-era plan to drill in the Chukchi Sea. But no matter how much evidence piles up against drilling in the Arctic, Interior Secretary Ken Salazar keeps pushing ahead. Given the disaster we've seen in the Gulf of Mexico, there's no reason to run those same terrible risks in the Arctic. The stakes are simply too high.
The inadequate and illegal Arctic drilling plan that is currently in place dramatically increases the odds of a large spill. Last week, the Canadian government produced a report finding that it would take three years to cap a blown-out well in the Arctic.The disastrous BP blowout in the Gulf of Mexico spewed a vast amount of oil into the ocean in just three months before it was finally stopped. If a similar disaster happened in the Artic, the situation would be far worse. This should never be allowed to happen again.
Despite all the warning signs, Secretary Salazar continues to ask the courts to allow oil companies to go forward with their Arctic drilling plans. Please join the Center in telling Secretary Salazar that the Arctic is too important to sacrifice to America's addiction to oil.
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