Thursday, August 26, 2010

Defeating the GOP - #greens #progressives

How can we assure that third parties are heard and the Republicans
are defeated in upcoming elections? Here is an outline of a
strategy. Congratulations to those who are already doing these

1. It is imporant to keep the GOP marginalized.

a. hammer on teaparty and other wackos
b. never forget Bush
c. support popular initiatives that the GOP opposes
d. be honest and explain positions clearly and succinctly
e. build broad-based coalitions, cooperate, emphasize

2. Keep the based engaged.

a. follow through on promises
b. doing 1. helps keep the base engaged


3. Use the courts.

Most of the courts are GOP friendly at this time.
Legal battles should be fought vigorously and
protracted to illustrate the fact that a change
is needed in the courts. Don't give up. Make
the arguments a matter of public debate, so that
the courts will perceive that the mood of the
country has changed. This could affect many

4. Undermine their sources of economic strength.

This is the most important one, but it requires
individual imagination. Use your creativity
to blockade, boycott, and strike at the GOP
centers of economic power.

The metaphor for our time is the FDR years, and the left is in a
position of great strength. Act with strength, and the people
will be supportive. If the GOP is stonewalling, don't try to
negotiate with them, and let them talk their talk. It will be
self-defeating for them. Let's not forget that the aim is to
defeat the GOP. Let's make sure that they never give us the
problems that they have given us ever again. End the GOP in this
generation. We can do it, if we do it now, while they are weak.


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