Monday, August 23, 2010

Stem cell research - #embryo #embryos #stemcell

If I had to destroy a small glob of cells (#embryo) to get my stems cells, I would obviously do it. An embryo is not a human being, and far from it. A potential human being is not a human being, just a grain of pollen or a seed is not a tree.  Meanwhile there are actual crimes against real human beings happening. Where is the sense of scale? There is real illness and actual human suffering, beside which that glob of cells is comparitively nothing. Outside the womb, the embryonic stem cells are a possible relief to some of this illness and suffering, and we have so much to learn about it. I gravely doubt the moral sensibilities of anyone who would block our access to stem cells and stem cell research.  Many of them are all too happy to see the bombs raining on other countries, deprive others of basic human rights, and some of them are blind to the suffering they are causing. They have no credibility whatsoever to judge the ethics of stem cell research.  It is a crime to deprive people of the option of embryonic stem cell therapy, which could possibly relieve their suffering.  Come into the new millenium folks! If it is not done in this jursidiction, it will be done elsewhere. In fact, it already is. Stem cells are a wave of the future. If the US does not get on board, they will lose the game.


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