Thursday, January 19, 2012

Tell President Obama: It's time to lead on #climate - #oil #keystonexl #tarsands #nokxl #bigoil #oilspill

Dear Friend,

Six months ago, the Obama Administration was set to approve one of the single most environmentally disastrous fossil fuel projects imaginable.

Today, it's dead.

But President Obama didn't reject the Keystone XL pipeline because he wanted to. Or because he thought it was the right thing to do. Or because he thought it would help his reelection campaign. He rejected it because our activism made him do it.

But because the President rejected the pipeline on the narrow technicality of the Republicans' 60 day timeline, in no way has he set down a clear marker against the pipeline or the carbon bomb that burning Canadian tar sands oil in China represents.

The time to lead us away from dirty fuels and prevent escalating global catastrophes from climate change is here. And President Obama still can.

Tell President Obama: It's time to lead on climate. Make the case in your State of the Union Address. Sign the petition here: