Saturday, January 7, 2012

Google #OpBlackout petition now top at - #SOPA #PIPA #anonymous #stopsopa #leysinde #acta is reporting that our #OpBlackout petition is their new #1!

Here is the text of the petition.

Petition @google to do a day of #OpBlackout to protest #SOPA @eBay
@amazon @Yahoo @facebook @twitter PLZ RT!

When you click the link, you can sign by tweeting from the
site. It's really very easy.

Many thanks to everyone who helped this to happen, and expecially to
TheYoungTurks for getting this petition started.

Some of us are more vociferous, and others are more engaged. Be
vociferous by signing the petition. If you have not yet signed, now
is the time to sign and encourage companies like Google to be more
engaged in the fight against laws like SOPA.

Being vociferous and engaged means telling your friends and family
about SOPA and how to fight it, and then fighting it yourself. Set
the right example by clearing a path for others to follow in. If you
want to be more engaged in the fight, one way is to join #OpBlackout.
#OpBlackout has engaged SOPA, and you can too! Here is a link with
some instructions for engaging SOPA.

We live in times when money and power determines what is legal, and
what is not. For the most part, the court has been siding with money
and power over the public good. For our own good, we ourselves must
fight against bad legislation, and bad laws. SOPA is surely one of