Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Not $1 more for war and weapons

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There’s a lot of talk in Congress about our budget these days and it’s all about one thing: Spending less money. But there’s one place that nobody, not Congress, the President or the press wants to talk about belt-tightening – the Pentagon.

It’s just plain silly: Over half of all the money Congress makes decisions on goes directly into the Pentagon’s pocket, and that doesn't even count the money for the actual wars! If we’re already discussing cuts to stuff that Americans really need - like job training, home heating assistance, and research into clean energy - then EVERYTHING needs to be "on the table" for cuts.

That’s why just signed to support the “Not $1 More” campaign. I'm telling my members of Congress to ‘put the guns on the table’ and make the Pentagon live by the same budget rules as everyone else:

Will you do the same? Sign here to support Not $1 More campaign:


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