Monday, May 23, 2011

FROM CYNTHIA MCKINNEY: Gaza-Bound Aid Ship Issues Ultimatum to Egypt

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via Anita Stewart's Posts - DIGNITY by Anita Stewart on 5/23/11

Gaza-Bound Aid Ship Issues Ultimatum to Egypt: Egypt--Regime Change or Face Change?



Below please find a message from the Malaysian aid ship headed to Gaza, the Rachel Corrie.  They are in a dire situation, having been blockaded in international waters by Israel and not allowed to enter Gaza waters. They are running out of water and food. What does Egypt's treatment of this aid ship tell us about Egypt: Regime change or face change? 


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Message from The Spirit of Rachel Corrie: 


At 11am (Egyptian time), a unanimous decision was made to issue an ultimatum to the Egyptian Port Authority.


If by 1400 hrs (Egyptian time), we are not allowed to dock and discharge cargo, we shall take that as official refusal and we shall leave Egypt and sail to Gaza.


Matthias Chang, Mission Leader 

(KL contact number +60123977586)




Silence is the deadliest weapon of mass destruction.


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