Friday, March 26, 2010

GNU-Darwin Action: Afghanistan War Resister Travis Bishop Released From Fort Lewis Brig

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From: Courage to Resist
Subject: Afghanistan War Resister Travis Bishop Released From Fort Lewis Brig
Date: Fri, 26 Mar 2010 17:16:42 +0100

March 26, 2010

Media Contact: Seth Manzel, Director, Coffee Strong, 253-228-8912

A celebration of Bishop’s release with local supporters will take place at Coffee Strong in Lakewood, WA on Sunday, March 28.
Fort Lewis, Washington â€" War resister and conscientious objector Travis Bishop was released from the stockade at Fort Lewis Thursday morning. Iraq War veteran Bishop originally was sentenced to 12 months in prison during his court-martial at Fort Hood, Texas for refusing to deploy to Afghanistan for reasons of conscience. He later received a three-month reduction in sentence due to a successful clemency application to the Commanding General at Fort Hood, as well as receiving extra time off for good behavior. Bishop served a total of seven months and 12 days of confinement. He also received reduction of rank from Sergeant to Private and a pending Bad Conduct Discharge.

While under confinement, Travis Bishop was recognized by Amnesty International as a prisoner of conscience and updated his blog ( from the Northwest Joint Regional Correctional Facility. He also received support from hundreds of people from around the world who wrote letters of encouragement for him and also to military authorities calling for his release. “Travis really appreciated the support he received from Amnesty International and from many people throughout the U.S.,” said his lawyer, James Branum. “All those letters lifted his spirits and shortened his time in jail.”

Bishop spoke out about the inhumane conditions at the Fort Lewis stockade, which produced some reform in treatment of prisoners at the facility. Bishop was placed on the facility's "most difficult" prisoners list for these efforts. Local supporters of Bishop are planning a celebration to take place at Coffee Strong GI Coffeehouse, beginning at 3 p.m. on Sunday, March 28. Coffee Strong is located at 15109 Union Ave SW, Lakewood, SW, next to Subway. Staff will provide refreshments.

Bishop will speak at the Sunday afternoon celebration, and will be available for interviews on Sunday and early next week.. He will not be available prior to 3 p.m. on March 28.
Bishop, a Country-Music Singer-Songwriter, plans to resume his musical career.

For more information or to schedule an individual interview with either Bishop or his defense team, please contact Seth Manzel at 253-228-8912 or attorney James Branum at 405-476-5620.

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