Saturday, December 7, 2019

Hiking boots for winter bicycling

Lately, I've been trying out some different brands of hiking boots...
The shoreline rocks of Upper Michigan gave me additional incentive to get real boots.
My old favorites are the Vasque boots for snow. These are so warm and comfortable.
I love my Vasque boots, my old favorites, but the new ones have recommendations.
I got some Merrell vent boots, tho less comfortable, the jumping utility is obvious.
The Merrell vent boots may be a little cooler, but when I had them on for while...
Feet warmed up very nicely. Not expressly for snow,I'll be wearing Merrells sometimes
I also tried some Salomon waterproof winter hiking boots. Salomon a top brand...
IMHO, the Vasque boots edged out the Salomon for comfort, but...
If I'm going out for serious in deeper snow, I'll probably go with the Salomons.
As a reminder, I recommend winter hiking boots for biking in deep cold conditions.
You might want to try these boots for biking in snow and sub-freezing temperatures.

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