Friday, December 20, 2019

Flickr update and some notes

Flickr has been updated with various photos, including some from the Pittsburgh and Michigan trips.

Current prognostications are giving the Republicans big victories in 2020. May I suggest that they make it a priority to take care of unfinished business, platform items, etc. I'll give them top points, if they do that. Be earnest. Finish what you started, the implied result.

Following on the impeachment, they have all the cards. Trump has all the cards. Again we see that his long game is superb. Read the Constituion. It is easy to skim for impeachment related items, and you will see that the media and liberal talking heads continue with their lies. There are no constraints on impeached presidents. The Senate has no obligation at all.

Being impeached by gun-grabbing baby killers is a terrific honor. Hats off to Trump!  I like what Trump did. We need more of that. I'd be delighted to pin a medal on his chest.

Now, on cold adaptation, I'm fit to be tied! Get me to the open water swimming hole! If you have been followiing the cold adapation notes, this could really be the next step. If we can get enough cold adapters in the water, maybe we can revise the recommendations and raise a cloud of steam.

Keep up the bicycling. Maintain cold adpatation training. I've been a bicycle commuter for nearly 40 years. Winter provides no discouragement, and it is safe to say that you will see me on the road tomorrow. Keep'em spinning!

I'll expresss my support for the Virginia and Illinois 2a sanctuaries. To the gun grabbing tyrants, Kiss OFF! We will not comply! Pry it from my cold dead fingers, if you think you can. I doubt.    

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