Sunday, June 16, 2019

How to get a ton of industrial music on the cheap, and activate monster mode too! ; -) - #2a #abortion #aging #biking #drums #fitness #iran #longevity #love #maga #music #nature #nra #nutrition #prolife #running #russia #trump2020 #unborn

Tip of the day: Side-Line has hundreds of excellent song for free. Also
check Alfamatrix Matrix downloads for hundreds of great songs for free.
This music is awesome for workout. Don't miss out on the excellent free
workout tracks. Here is an example...

Matrix Downloaded 002 | Alfa Matrix

Music | Side-Line Magazine

Alfamatrix and other industrial labels also have excellent compilation
collections. Follow this method, and for a little money, you can have
thousands of awesome tunes. Side-Line has announced Session 5 of their
Face the Beat compilation, so get ready from even more great industrial
music! I could go on and on with many more tricks for obtaining thousands
of great industrial tunes.

These studio compilation tracks are very special, hand-picked by music
producers who know how to provide the best music. Other great industrial
compilation collections come from Upscene/Indigo/Gothic shopper magazine.
Such compilations often provide mixes that you you haven't heard before,
that can't be found any other way. This is why you might want to rip some
used CD's, to save money and get these great tunes. It's work, but it's
often the only way. Alternatively, you can order directly from the
studios, and receive new discs, plus often great free stuff, like band
cards, announcements, and stickers.

Like Alfamatrix, Out of Line is a great studio, with excellent service,
and awesome compilation collections. Alfamatrix releases often include a
free promo disc. You can just get so much music this way. It's awesome!

If that's not enough for you, then follow industrial DJ's. They often
stream their shows, and provide mp3 files of what they have played. Like
the studio producers, DJ's are music professionals. They spend alot of
effort to provide industrial music you may not have heard before.

Of course, YouTube, Amazon, and Yandex Music are a great mention here.
Follow the industrial bands that you like, and they will provide more
suggestions. Yandex has a great facility. If you upload your music to
Yandex Disk, they will enhance the music suggestions.

After so many years, industrial music is not slowing down, in fact, it
could just take over completely. We can keep the industrial momentum going
by supporting not just the bands, but the festivals, labels, producers,
and DJ's. Make it happen. While I'm mentioning, I shouldn't forget Orkus
Magazine. It's in German, but you were thinking of learning German anyway,
right? Orkus is another industrial magazine that provides great demo
discs, and a very reliable service.

So what are you going to do with those thousands of industrial songs when
you get them???? Research now indicates that listening to music while you
sleep can have some benefits. I've found that it helps me love the music
more. Of course, listening to industrial music while sleeping can produce
some scary moments sometimes, so be ready for that. ;-) Practicing drums
while listening to industrial music is a great idea. The tempo is
marvelous. If you are working out, industrial music might help you to
activate monster mode. Let's do this! ;-)

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