Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Can biochemical synergy explain higher recuperative powers? - #aging #biking #carfree #cataracts #diet #exercise #fitness #flavonoid #food #health #lifespan #longevity #maculardegeneration #nutrition #polyphenol #running #sunscreen #sunscreen. #workout

All of this started several years ago with some 20 mile bike rides.
Don't be distressed to start small and work up to it. If you exercise
for hours in the sunshine, sunscreen is must. Don't forget it. It is
always sad to see these exceptional athletes with skin cancer. Use it.
I don't think that food interventions are sufficient against UV rays. No
doubt, some foods increase the risk of sunburn.

BTW, this looks like a good test for vision problems. There are some examples of what can go wrong with
the test here -> There must be many other types
of vision tests people can do online. This is a great topic!

Here is the current state of my polyphenol and flavonoid diet recommendations. The idea is to accelerate athletic progress by
improving recuperation times. More work is needed in this area. I'd be
delighted to hear any suggestions. Improved recuperation could explain
so much that is hard to understand about high athleticism. It is
necessary to heal faster, in order to do what many accomplished athletes
are doing. It is reasonable to think about higher recuperative powers,
because the effects of beneficial diet and exercise are additive. We may
soon discover synergy between longevity nutrition and high athleticism.
Synergy, not in the fluffy magical sense, but in the biochemical sense.
The real synergy. It is difficult for me to explain the gum line result
without resort to biochemical synergy.


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