Sunday, August 24, 2014

#CenturyRide from #Baltmore #Maryland to #Lineboro and #Manchester Maryland -

Here are some more photos from Lineboro and Manchester Maryland from my second century ride. In addition I have some more notes regarding the biochemistry of training fatigue.

Seems to me that much of the discomfort of endurance training comes from benzoate derivatives binding to TRPV1 channels. As the exercise proceeds metabolic end produces, like these benzoate derivatives, build up in the system. I had suspected this TRPV1 effect, but became more convinced when the halbanero jack cheese tasted much hotter after my workouts. It very likely that this TRPV1 effect explains some of the burning sensations that people feel during training. Try it out, and see what you think.

The prediction is that the burning sensations are the same feelings associated with habanero peppers, only perhaps not as severe. The effect of these benzoate derivatives would also go farther to explain the heartburn sensations that are sometimes associated with exercise and physical training. Many of these benzoate derivatives are likely similar enough in structure to capsaicin to bind to the TRPVI channel.  Many athletes avoid peppers for these reasons, but another strategy would load the system with capsaicin in an attempt to elicit the response that reduces TRPV1 receptors leading to fatigue reduction.

I'm now convinced that metabolic end products like these contribute the lion's share of longevity increase that we see in endurance athletes. Many athletic types complain about these metabolic end products, but a favorable balance of these compounds also likely explains enhanced endurance. Analogously, monarch butterflies travel thousands of miles, and their bodies are full of "toxin".

IMHO, substantial longevity gains are available to people who make life extension the goal, instead of winning the race. Here are some related articles.

Are athletic training improvements coupled to longevity improvements?

The sound of a bat could make you run faster. ;-)
Birds, bats, and bicycles

Regarding training advice

Constant harping on minimal exercise requirements produces one adverse effect. As a result of this over-emphasis on minimal requirements, people don't exercise enough. In what other arena do we accept advice from people who are not very experienced?

The notion is unfortunately almost trite. Fatigue produces chemical compounds that help the body resist fatigue and extend life. Many of the most crucial of these beneficial compounds are retained in the body long after the workout is over. It is the same reason we sometimes favor the vegetables that have been stressed, the stunted colorful corn, ugly tomatoes, and astringent berries. These plants all have similar natural compounds as are produced by human exercise fatigue. By understanding that fatigue biochemistry is very much like CR memetics, flavonoids, and other polyphenols, we can make better use of our training regimens to advance longevity.

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