Monday, April 1, 2013

Sample letter against #Maryland #guncontrol - #2a #molonlabe #nra #tgdn #gunrights #tcot

Please feel free to use this as you like.

Maryland gun control measures should be opposed. They will do nothing
to prevent gun crime or violence. It is insulting to put the
fingerprints of law-abiding gun owners side-by-side with criminals in
state & federal databases. Measures like the magazine limits and gun
ban provisions will do nothing to prevent gun crime or violence.
Maryland gun ban provisions are arbitrary restrictions of protected
rights. Maryland is exploiting public hysteria to promote knee-jerk
and ineffective proposals. These ill-conceived Maryland gun control
and gun ban proposals should be set aside. Maryland mental health
provisions are already adequate. There is no good argument for
ineffective measures that limit people's rights. Maryland provisions
do not make adequate consideration of the injustice of mental illness
stigma. Former mental health patients must make application to the
same people who think that no one should have guns. These outrageous
proposals will not pass as federal legislation, and Maryland will bear
the legal cost of defending unconstitutional laws. Registration &
background checks are failing at the federal level. It is wrong to
place undue burdens on the exercise of protected rights. It is wrong
for Maryland lawmakers to unload their responsibilities onto the
courts. Defend our rights.


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