Thursday, December 20, 2012

Tell President Obama: Keep Wolves Protected

The Obama administration is poised to lift Endangered Species Act protections for many wolves around the country, including those living in the Pacific Northwest, the southern Rocky Mountains and the Northeast. The decision could come any day, so we need your help now to keep those protections in place.

Although the recovery of wolves in the northern Rockies and the Great Lakes has been a success, the job of returning wolves to the American landscape is still far from complete. Wolves in the lower 48 occupy just 5 percent of their historic range and there are still hundreds of square miles of prime wolf habitat around the country that are unoccupied. These incredible predators won’t return and thrive in those areas if the government strips their Endangered Species Act protections. As we’ve seen in places like Wyoming and Idaho, hundreds of wolves have been hunted and trapped since they were pulled off the endangered species list.

Please tell President Obama and the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service not to give up on America’s wolves.

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