Sunday, November 4, 2012

Email your friends - Please vote for Jill Stein - #greenparty

Today is a great day to email your friends to encourage them to vote, and show your support for Jill Stein. My email might include the following points. 

If you vote against your own principles, that would be the best definition of a wasted vote. Please support Jill Stein.  Unlike the mainstream candidates, Jill Stein has supported great causes, such as; the Keystone XL pipeline blockade and the Chicago Teacher's strike. Not only does she support these causes, but she also participated in their actions. Why didn't the other candidates do this? She was often arrested with the other street activists. She has opposed the austerity agenda, which threatens all of us, but especially working people and the poor.

For over a year, leading climate and environmental organizations have complained about the lack of attention paid to climate change by President Obama and Governor Romney. Unlike the other candidates, Jill Stein has consistently pointed out that Hurricane Sandy is an example of why we need to set aside fossil fuels and address climate change.  Her Green New Deal would avert any economic loss that might occur from transitioning from fossil fuels to a green economy. Jill Stein cares about our future and the future of our children.

Please consider sending an email to your friends, and feel free to use these points.  You can learn more about Jill Stein and the Green Party at her excellent website.

Finally, if you would like to help defray Jill Stein's campaign costs, please donate at the following link. She has done a marvelous service.


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