Saturday, February 25, 2012

Help stop an unnecessary and costly war with Iran.

Dear Friend,

Just as we're ending two wars, the drums of war have started beating for a third.

The American people oppose attacking Iran. But the media and the political elites seem to have learned nothing from Iraq.

Once again, the conventional wisdom in D.C. has been shaped by lies and blatant propaganda. And in some circles, the shrill cry for war is once again drowning out the voice of reason.

Fortunately, two members of Congress -- Keith Ellison (D-MN) and Walter Jones (R-NC) -- have written a bipartisan letter urging President Obama to pursue diplomatic means necessary to avoid an unnecessary and costly war with Iran.

Reps. Ellison and Jones have asked their colleagues to sign the letter.

I just told my member of Congress to co-sign the Ellison-Jones letter. I hope you do, too.

You can find out more about this and easily take action at the link below.


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