Saturday, December 10, 2011

Help free a Facebook activist jailed in Azerbaijan!

Dear Friends,

Today is Human Rights Day. So today I am asking you to join me in a social
media protest to help free Facebook activist Jabbar Salavan.

Jabbar is serving 2.5 years in Azerbaijan’s Prison 10 after he used
Facebook to speak out against his government. Jabbar is a PRISONER OF
CONSCIENCE who used social media to simply exercise his right to FREEDOM OF

Social media activism has the power to change the world. The Azerbaijan
authorities recognize this and have initiated a widespread crackdown on
social media.

It seems fitting that we use our social media voices to speak out for
Jabbar, a Facebook activist. So I urge you to join me in Amnesty
International's SOCIAL MEDIA ACTION CENTRE. You can sign an open letter to
President Aliyev and join a coordinated social media protest, calling for
the Azerbaijan government to immediately release Jabbar.

I’m doing it. Join, and be part of it too!

This Social Media Action Centre virtual event is part of WRITE FOR RIGHTS, a
global letter-writing marathon, happening today. Let’s call on the
Azerbaijan government in every medium possible. Check it out, sign up, and
also write a letter on Jabbar’s behalf.

Michael L. Love