Monday, July 11, 2011

Help stop trade agreements that threaten the environment


Picture this. Pacific Rim, a multinational corporation, wants to mine for gold in El Salvador using dangerous chemicals that would threaten the water supply of poor communities. Communities fight back -- despite intimidation and even murder of local activists -- and win new mining safeguards from their government. In retaliation, Pacific Rim sues the Salvadoran government through an international tribunal, demanding millions of dollars in compensation.

This frightening true story was made possible by a free trade agreement that El Salvador signed in 2005 with the United States and neighboring countries.

Right now, Congress is preparing to vote on three nearly identical agreements with South Korea, Colombia and Panama. Each would empower multinational investors to pursue quick profits at the expense of human rights, environmental protections, and sustainable development.

For instance, in Colombia, the deal would encourage investments in destructive mining, oil drilling, and industrial palm oil plantations, which could displace indigenous peoples. All three agreements would give companies the right to sue for compensation for complying with health and environmental regulations.

This is unacceptable -- and there's time to stop these deals, so please join me in taking action today.

You can urge your House member and senators to oppose all three harmful trade pacts at:

Thank you for taking action.

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