Wednesday, May 29, 2019

Desert island redundancy for a robust longevity program

One big realization was that polyphenols like flavonoids, that have similar structures to resveratrol and curumin, also have similar longevity properties. This means that it is possible to get a similar benefit from a wide range of sources, so that the program is robust. In other words, protect your longevity program by building redundancy into it. Think strategy. You might not need the best polyphenol to get you to the next major longevity advance. Just make sure you have something that works.

Experiments combining polyphenols with physical activity are indicating that the next major longevity advance may be at the doors. This part is really working! In rodent experiments, physical activity plus gave more longevity benefit than either by itself. This was the key result. In other words, the effect of resveratrol and physical activity was ADDITIVE, especially in middle-aged rodents. When I went looking for the means that could overcome the shortcomings of resveratrol-related measures, this result really stood out. It appeared that physical activity might push longevity far past what was currently foreseen with resveratrol-related measures alone. Since that time, the matter has received more study, and possible longevity pathways of physical activity have been identified. For example, nitric oxide signalling pathway has been implicated in many longevity associated effects, such as; DNA tangles, cardiac fibrosis, neuro-degenerative pathologies, and more! It's like phys
ical activity is the missing piece.

Physical activity does not provide much longevity benefit by itself, nor do traditional nutritional supplements or interventions. It requires the combination of polyphenols, plus physical activity, and general nutrition to get the best effect. This is the longevity program that will give access to acceleration of knowledge and new advances well into the next century.

Some more tips are probably helpful to make the best of these longevity benefits. Intermittent fasting is a great substitute for the polyphenols like resveratrol. It is easy to get tired of the nutrition program, but the solution is easy, FASTING! Fasting might even provide superior results.

In a similar way, it is easy to get tired of the necessary level of physical activity, but keep the following in mind. Endurance athletes received the highest longevity benefit over all other sports. This is definitely a case where more is better. So keep that in mind if you are thinking of slacking your physical activity. For nearly everyone, more is better.

I recommend highly to have multiple sources of longevity-inducing polyphenols, just in case the supply falters. In addition, a panel of polyphenols probably produces a superior effect, so you have two reasons to combine them. I've been using parsley flakes for this, and turmeric. Get lots of citrus, and stock up on polyphenol supplements. Think desert island. Also, remember that none of this works at all without good nutrition, so do it. Also, back up with supplements, again, desert island redundancy.

Similarly, I recommend redundant physical activities, walking, biking, running, learn to swim. Have alternatives, like dancing or drums. Check the blog. There are other tips, such as how to use the parsley and avoid risky behaviors. Always be prepared with alternatives, in case you get a snag in your efforts. This is the longevity program that will put future advances in your reach. The time is now. Don't delay.

Michael L. Love

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