Thursday, April 1, 2010 GNU-Darwin Distribution: News Historical

Project News for GNU-Darwin Distribution

  • GNU-Darwin distribution!

    We now have installation instructions and more links. CVS and CVSweb is working, and the releases are available by FTP. Come and see what is happening at GNU-Darwin.

    2000-12-04 19:35:49 GMT by proclus

  • the GIMP!

    I ported the GIMP for GNU-Darwin. Here is a screenshot.

    Just grab the sources from Delete all -lm from the configure and Makefiles, then build it! Build it with Altivec optimization!!!

    GNU-Darwin, the future of graphical design.


    2000-12-01 01:54:32 GMT by proclus

  • mozilla port status

    Prosects are hopeful, but there are still several problems to be solved.



    2000-11-30 13:40:19 GMT by proclus

  • releases

    Since there is no one here to veto me yet, I have started releasing software. For your convenience, all of the files are precompiled ppc binaries and sources. Please check the anonymous ftp server for releases.
    Tomorrow I will set up the CVS for the projects.

    BTW, I uploaded these files with NiftySSH. Hopefully, they are formatted correctly. I'll double check them tomorrow


    2000-11-30 02:47:15 GMT by proclus

Here are some GNU-Darwin News releases going back to the very beginning. More to come.


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