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Michael L. Love: Science Tools for GNU-Darwin

Science Tools for GNU-Darwin

Dr. Michael L. Love,
updated Tue Aug 26 13:27:53 EDT 2008


The Distribution is shepherding, a repository of over 4 million small molecule structural coordinate files in PDB format, which is accessible by FOSS molecule viewer software that is provided by the Distro, such as PyMOL and RasMOL. over 50 million structures are in the pipe. demonstrates the kind of great work that can be done in the scientific and education fields with GNU-Darwin OS and free and open source software. There are also some notes about the package set and Molecules machine. Molecules of the Day has an RSS News Feed:

GNU-Darwin hard media

Key scientific software packages are now available on our Office and Package discs. Favorite free software titles, first packaged for Darwin and Mac OS X by the Distribution, are included such as VIM, Ghostscript, Gnumeric, LaTeX, PyMOL (screenshot shown bottom left), Rasmol, gdFortran, LAM/MPI, AbiWord, GNUplot, and Raster3D. All are available for both x86 (Intel, AMD) and ppc (PowerPC) Darwin-only and Mac OS X systems. Worry-free open source and command line installation is provided, and binary software distribution means that no compiling is necessary. Easy access to updates is also provided via our automated download system (ppc, x86).

As the premier free software distribution (founded Nov, 2000) for Darwin and Mac OS X, GNU-Darwin is clearly reliable with demonstrated stability and time-tested persistence. Our mature toolset has been successfully used for facilities administration, internet services, digital media production, intensive scientific calculation (see left center), authoring papers and progress reports (screenshot shown left top), high resolution graphics production, and all in a state of publication quality. With the assistance of a large open source development community, GNU-Darwin anticipates the needs of our users, and future Darwin utilities are provided in the present. GNU-Darwin is expressly engineered for high profile enterprises and cutting-edge scientific applications, but it is also suitable for workstation use and free software afficionados as well. Only with these discs, will users be up and running fast and getting real work done with all the desired tools, both now and in the future.

The molecules site has become a large presence on the web, and there is much in store for the future. It is a huge vindication for me, and a demonstration of what can be done with GNU-Darwin. For more examples, be sure and check the screenshots page.


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