Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Michael L. Love: EFF and Facebook antagonism

Why do we not see complaints from the EFF regarding Twitter and other social networking services, which are doing very similar things as Facebook? Why is EFF so painstakingly concerned about Facebook privacy, but not other social networking services, and why are they more concerned about trivial privacy "violaions" than Facebook censorship?

We ask these questions, and no answers have been forthcoming, but the silence gives several indications. These are indications, hypotheses, not conclusions, but taken together, they seem valid.

1. There is a predudiced against Facebook in favor of other services.
2. EFF has been corrupted to support the corporate privacy agenda with their bogus security arguments, which empowers governments and institutions against the individual.
3. I'll keep this one to myself for now, and it is left as an exercise for the reader.

I see greedy powers laughing with glee every time a bogus security or privacy argument is launched against Facebook or anywhere. As a result, people are inured to false security arguments, and cut themselves off from their means of communication. I see grinning faces in high places, because it plays right into their hands. It is a velvet glove closing. It is time for EFF to get back on the right side of digital liberties.


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