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proclus : Michael L. Love: Linus Pauling

Michael L. Love: Linus Pauling
A Google search on 'molecules activism' produces a page with Linus Pauling near the top.  We are obviously in good company.  The expired Nobel chemist makes a great example of an activist scientist, one that I have frequently admired.  I got a chance to see him speak once, when I was at Phoenix College, and I was no less impressed.  In truth, I have tried to emulate him in many ways.  His crucial contributions to the world of chemistry and science in general are great enough, but he also drew much needed attention to the problems that society faced in his day.  If only we could have more like him.

Also germane is the fact that he is a main reason why many of us are taking vitamin C, something which he continuously advocated.  C is now indispensable for its ability to increase the absorbency of polyphenolic molecules, such as resveratrol.  For those of us who are attempting to practice calorie restriction, C supplementation is a vital part of the program.    Hats off to Linus Pauling!

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