Sunday, April 25, 2010

Michael L. Love/proclus/GNU-Darwin - Vox

biochemist, musician, protein crystallographer, system administrator, X-ray lab manager, operator, life-long bicycle commuter From the website: Geek Technology, Structural Biology, Music, Medieval and Neoplatonic Literature, I am Noah, REPENT!


My interests range widely and are always expanding.  Of late in addition to the above, I like kitchen chemistry and wizardry, listening to music, but also making music, wireless and mobile tech.  My writing has turned to food and healthful living in addition to the freedom activism that has always driven me.  I see a convergence emerging around these issues in the coming decade. 

With a Ph.D in biochemistry, and years of experience in system engineering and administration, I have wide-ranging experience and authority to speak with expertise on many diverse issues.  I am a life-long consumer of vitamin supplements.  I take resveratrol, and I try to practice calorie restriction too.  I fast and pray.  When the war is over, I will be very happy.


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